Your Council

How the Town Council was established

The former Seaham Urban District Council was responsible for local government affairs within the town until it went out of existence in 1974. Later that decade the public voiced concerns calling for a local Council to be established to give Seaham its own voice. As a result a referendum was held in 1980 and a majority vote by the townspeople wanted their own Council in the town. Seaham people clearly felt they wanted the town to have its own voice in local affairs and a separate identity. In May, 1983 the first elections were held for Seaham Town Council.


The Council began meeting in hired community hall facilities. The first phase of their Civic Offices were in Adelaide Row which was purchased in 1984 and the premises were then extended to incorporate the town tourism, visitor and information facility. The Council’s crest was agreed following a competition amongst local school pupils. The design and motto were approved and it has been formally adopted as a civic crest for Seaham.


Administrative Headquarters

The Council’s Principal Officer is the Town Clerk who is based at Seaham Town Hall, Stockton Road, Seaham, Co Durham, SR7 0HP. Mr Paul Fletcher, the Deputy Town Clerk (Leisure and Amenities) is responsible for the Parks Department operation and is also located at Seaham Town Hall. The Council employs 23 employees.


A list of the responsibilities which are under the remit of the Town Council can be found on our website.