Council Responsibilities

Planning & Environmental

  • Consultative role on planning applications
  • Certain aspects of public lighting provision
  • Roadside seats
  • Grit bins in estates
  • Development of strategies and plans
  • Participation in Seaham Regeneration Strategy/Regeneration Proposals

  • Support for Anti-crime initiatives

Parks & Events

  • Community link and environmental improvement projects
  • Sports facilities, including football pitches, cricket and bowling greens
  • Government Agency Training Initiatives
  • Provision of floral displays and hanging baskets
  • Cycle tracks and public walkways
  • Management of Community Woodlands
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • 4 recreational parks and areas of open space
  • 8 Children's Playgrounds
  • 14 Allotment sites and Garages
  • Burials/Green Burials/Cemetery Services (pedestrian access available at all times)
  • Grave Planting Service
  • Sponsored Seats

Arts & Information

  • Development and provision of Information Services
  • Provision of Photocopying Service
  • Civic Events
  • Operating a Tourism and Visitor Information Office
  • Publication of Seaham Town Guide
  • Artefacts and Memorabilia displays
  • Funding for CAB services
  • Publication of Town Newsheet
  • Promotion of Civic Identity
  • Hire of Conference and meeting facilities
  • Financial Assistance to voluntary and community organisations
  • Sale of Seaham souvenirs
  • Fighting against erosion of and for improvement of public services in Seaham


Promotion and organisation of:

  • Mayor's Civic Ball
  • Brass Band Event
  • Armed Forces Event
  • Fireworks Display
  • Seaham Carnival
  • Christmas Lights Display
  • Civic and Townwide Ecumenical Carol Service


  • Partnership and Friendship Links with Stadt Gerlingen Seaham's twin town since 1988.
  • Arranging group and individual exchanges
  • Arranging work/study placements