Gerlingen Relay Run

Published: 10 July 2018

As part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations Stadt Gerlingen has organised a 1400km relay run from Gerlingen to Seaham. The run started on 6th July and will finish on Friday, 13th July arriving at Terrace Green for Seaham Carnival at approximately 5.30pm to be welcomed onto the stage. The guests from Gerlingen will also be welcomed onto the stage at Terrace Green on Saturday, 14th July at 2.30pm and Sunday, 15th July at 3pm. The run is being documented by a regularly updated which can be viewed at

Gerlingen is a beautiful town, with about 18,000 inhabitants. It is situated in South Germany, approximately 10 miles from Stuttgart and 850 miles from Seaham. Gerlingen has an abundance of good bars and restaurants and some fine shops. It also has an excellent swimming pool together with leisure facilities including a large forest, which makes a perfect setting for an interesting holiday.

The people of Gerlingen are warm, friendly and extremely hospitable. They have certainly made Seaham people feel at home. The aim of a twinning partnership is for the people of two different nations to have the unique opportunity to experience each other's culture, traditions, history, way of life and places of interest.

The Twinning between Seaham and Gerlingen has been going for 30 years and over the years, many lasting friendships have been made. Stadt Gerlingen will be holding a stall at Seaham Carnival on both Saturday and Sunday which you are welcome to visit.