Lord Byron

Just over 200 years ago on the 2nd January 1815 the infamous, scandalous, Internationally renowned poet and world traveller Lord Byron married beautiful Annebella Milbank in Seaham Hall which is situated on the dramatic and stunning north east coast, a short distance south from Sunderland and Newcastle.
Due to Lord Byron's hedonistic behaviour and rumours of adultery the marriage barely lasted a year and shortly after this disaster in his "private" life he left England for good on a journey that would not see him ever return.

It is often said that he didn't like the Town of Seaham where he got married and where he stayed briefly with his new in-laws. However new research by The Newstead Abbey Byron Society and the Irish Byron Society suggests that he did like Seaham and also warmed to his father in-law. He became the father which he never had when growing up both in London and Newstead Abbey in Nottingham.

Seaham a place once marred by coal mining has itself healed the scars of its industrial past and has developed into a surprisingly stunning tourist destination. It now has a marina and numerous other attractions such as the famous World War 1 "Tommy" Sculpture, Victorian lights along the sea front and a variety of other historical and cultural places of interest with a wealth of art events and a continental atmosphere along its front with cafes, bars and restaurants .

Seaham Town Council has published this short free video about Byron and his links with Seaham.

There is also a short film produced by Ian Horn (poet) and Peter McAdam (film maker) which many may find interesting.