Dog Controls

Proposed Dog Control Order

Article in the Sunderland Echo - July 2014

As Seaham regenerates into a vibrant tourist destination it has become apparent that one of the major concerns raised by visitors and residents is the amount of dog fouling in the town’s most desirable locations, i.e. the sea front and the beaches. In an effort to promote more responsible dog ownership the Town Council has, for many years, provided residents of Seaham with dog waste bags free of charge. Because of the concerns raised in respect of dog fouling, the Town Council suggested that improvements be made to the local Dog Control Order and submitted a number of proposals to Durham County Council to enhance the enjoyment of these locations.

A survey was subsequently undertaken by Durham County Council in an effort to ascertain public views on the suggested controls. This consultation ended on 18th August 2014 and the majority of the responses received were against the proposals. Although Seaham Town Council had been in full support of dog controls during the summer months on certain parts of Seaham’s beaches to ensure the safety and well-being of residents, it acknowledges the fact that public opinion has proven to be against such controls and as such the Dog Control Order will not be implemented and the beaches will remain accessible to responsible dog owners. Click here to see the press release issued by Durham County Council.


Durham County Council and Seaham Town Council will continue to work together to prevent irresponsible dog owner activity by increasing warden patrols. They will also continue with their efforts to raise awareness and educate dog walkers to clean up after their dogs to ensure the beaches are clean and safe for families to enjoy.