Princess Road Cemetery

The Cemetery was opened in 1885 and to date has had more than 20,000 burials. Obviously every stone has some story to tell but only a few have been selected for this book. The Cemetery is managed by Seaham Town Council who is always willing to help people trace relatives or family trees. So if this book does wet your appetite and you need more information, it is always here in the Cemetery.

Seaham Cemetery

Seaham Cemetery is situated on Lord Byron’s Walk in Seaham and was opened in May 2005.

Seaham Cemetery offers the following:-

Traditional burials can be carried out in Seaham Cemetery with sections for Church of England, Catholic, children and any other faiths.  Headstones are allowed on these sections, however no kerbsets are allowed in the whole of this cemetery.

Natural burials can be undertaken in the woodland section, burial plots can be purchased in advance or as part of the funeral planning.  A tree or shrub will be planted as part of the burial process where no traditional headstones or kerbs will be installed and the burial area will eventually develop into a woodland.  A small memorial plaque will be provided on a wooden base.

Cremated remains can be burial in a casket where a plot has been allotted in the Memorial Section.  A small 10” x 8” headstone can be erected in this section. 


Memorial trees and seats are also available.  The trees provided also include a memorial plaque on either a wood or metal stake.  Click here for application form.  The seats are sited in an agreed location by both the purchaser and the Town Council.  Prices vary dependent upon if carving or plaque is required.  Click here for application form.


Cemetery Application Forms

Interment Application
Memorial Tree Application
Memorial Seat Application 

Story Behind the Stones

Many people look on Cemeteries as sad mournful places but they are in fact a real treasure for people to explore. Life, even life that has passed, should be celebrated and what better way to do it than through telling of the stores hidden behind the stones in Princess Road Cemetery, Seaham:

It is a place of mystery

It is a place of history
It is a place of wonder
A place to remember
It is a place for celebration
It is a place to explore
A place not to ignore

It is your Cemetery!

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